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Resolutions and Acquisitions

February 12, 2009

This year I am resolving to launch this thing properly, and that means posting regularly. I will work on that. Joining Fully Booked’s Blogging Club should motivate me greatly.

I had a gazillion of new purchases that I was not able to report. I think what I’ll do is pull out a book randomly and talk about it when I’ve got nothing new to write about. Weeks do sometimes pass without a new book in hand! I can live without one, but I’ll just be sad at one corner.

Last Sunday, I got two new books from Booksale (SM North Edsa): “An Equal Music” by Vikram Seth and “Ghostwritten” by David Mitchell. I have a ranking of Booksale stores somewhere. Of all the Booksales I’ve been in, I consider the Waltermart E.Rodriguez branch, the SM Baguio branch and certainly the SM North Edsa branch as my favorites. They have done well to produce a rare work or two or three. More on that in another entry.

“Ghostwritten” is my third David Mitchell book. I discovered Mitchell through “Number 9 Dream” in a National Bookstore branch. I was obsessed of Japan then so when I saw it I thought it was cool but I (fresh from Orientalism studies) got bothered that it was a Westerner who wrote it. So I forgot about it eventually. Then time passed and I did some ‘window shopping’ in Amazon. I came across “Cloud Atlas” which they said was very interesting. I got interested with the premise myself and was able to get a copy (the only one!) in Fully Booked SM North Edsa. That’s how I started thinking about “Number 9 Dream” again. Much to my luck it was put on sale during the Bookfair last September. I saw no reason not to get it anymore. Now I should start reading them.

I’ve been seeing “An Equal Music” very often but I just ignore it most of the time. That is until I got fascinated by Vikram Seth (and any Indian author really) last Christmas when I was looking for a gift for one of my bosses in school (her husband is Indian. I eventually got her “The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy which she liked). I read that Seth was particularly good in “A Suitable Boy” (which I happily found on sale in Fully Booked Rockwell…despite some problems with the cashier. That’s another story to be told.) So when I saw this book on sale for just a hundred bucks, I saw no reason why not to get it.

The total amount is just less than three hundred bucks.

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